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Oral Hygiene

Regular oral hygiene is crucial to the long term health of the teeth, gums & under-lying bone. It is no longer the case that growing old means that you will loose your teeth.

At Ballincollig Dental, the dentists recommend twice yearly appointments with the dental hygienist for optimum oral health. Regular cleaning, as well as scaling and root-planing (cleaning under the gums), removes plaque (tartar) and associated bacteria. This helps prevent decay as well as gum disease (gingivitis), and bone loss (periodontal disease), the major cause of tooth loss. Regular hygiene appointments will help maintain teeth for life.

Your Smile Is Important To Us

We understand almost everyone will have some aspect of dentistry that they are a little bit apprehensive about; we don't mind at all if you feel the need to share your worries before you start your oral hygiene treatment. Get them off your chest! We will listen, it gives us an insight into how best to carry out your treatment with us, so as to minimize things that makes you uncomfortable. Who knows you might start to enjoy it! Full and thorough exams are carried out, either with/without X-rays, both teeth & gums, & surrounding tissue are routinely checked. We pride ourselves in our oral hygien treatments, those visits are always given time and done thoroughly.

We sell GC tooth mousse

GC Tooth Mousse IrelandBallincollig Dental suppliers of GC Tooth Mousse in Ireland
Suitable for dental patients who:
  • have a low to medium risk of caries
  • suffer from white spot lesions
  • experience hypersensitivity before and after teeth whitening
  • have had professional procedures such as root scaling or cleaning
  • for children below the age of six